When the enemy with Mark of Revenge is killed or damaged it activate Awakening skill of all Heroes with Awakening skills. You can use him in both PvP and PvE but he will offer the most in some Story missions and in Holy Dragon Grounds. Perhaps because she is able to see things that others can’t, she is always relaxed and doesn’t dwell on things before her. Zareinne then pledged her allegiance to Baileysh for the rest of her life. Annie is a Legendary Hero whose element is Fire. It also grants him [Dragon Knight Blessing] that increases damage against Dragons with Dragons Scale of Chaos activated, by 250% and decreases Enhanced Dragon Fang effect used by the Dragon of Chaos by 20%. Requires 3 Mana. You may not agree with me but I think that she doesn’t deserve a higher Tier than Tier 3 because her healing potential cannot be compared with some other Support Heroes. Allies who are attacked while under [The Great One] mark are granted [Dragon Blood] mark. As a class they have the second highest attack, the lowest HP, lowest Defense, highest Dodge, and middle hit. His position is Defense and he can cause Physical damage. If the Health of the target below 20%, 1 Mana is granted to Liechtenstein. It cleanses damage over time and debuffs from allies, granting 1 Mana to Fergie. Pitbull was born with a great deal of strength and caused all sorts of trouble in his childhood. Requires 1 Mana. Kylock is another Hero who has a special synergy with Dorka. Reedmarie is a decent Frost damage dealer. [Dragon Knight Blessing] that increases damage against Dragons with Dragons Scale of Order activated, by 250% and decreases Enhanced Dragon Fang effect used by the Darkness Element Dragon of Order by 20%. It was famous for its strict discipline and fair rules influenced by Zarienne’s uprightness and operational policies. In fact, there aren’t that many who can withstand a strike from his axe. While she was born as the daughter of a great rich man in Pedas, she ran away from her family and established one of the two greatest pirates crew of the South Sea on her own. It causes 71% damage to all enemies and decreases Defense of each target by 14% of Pan’s Defense for 8 turns. “Assassin Art” is his first active skill. Thanks to her stern education, Bathory was able to learn the concept of right and wrong, morality, and low but she still could not sympathize with others. With Fate Core Baileysh passive places [The Great One] mark on 4 allies in the same row with the highest Attack. She is the first daughter of House of Exid…. Emma is Fated Hero whose element is Darkness. Every hit against marked target grants 1 mana and places various effects depending on the mark level. Her position is Attack and she causes Magical damage. His position is Chaos and he causes Magical damage. Rudley is a Fated Hero whose element is Nature. NOTE: Use the jump button “OFFENSE” at the bottom right of the screen to get back to the table. In Saint West, Zarienne served Baileysh as the captain of his guard and gained fame again by protecting him against numerous enemies seeking to take Baileysh’s life. It causes 336% damage against all enemies in the back row, costing 5 Mana. Her position is Chaos and she causes Physical damage. As a class they can provide the best chance to break enemies. It causes 142% damage to all enemies, costing 3 mana. For PvE, Benten is a very good Hero who can significantly improve your overall damage potential. Her position is Support and she causes Magical damage. Spica is a Legendary Hero whose element is Forst. Uloom can be Fate Cored via Diastrophism. Freesia is a legendary Hero whose element is Light. It was the prelude of the new Hurricane Blood, which once again gained notorious reputation all throughout the continent. At the top of that Karin is extra effective in Shelter of Avarice. When Valarr became an adult, he was already a promising knight who made his name throughout the Kingdom with his marvelous battle skills. It causes 48% damage to all back row enemies and places [Stun] on each target for 3 turns. His passive skill is “Mana Absorb 2”. “Shield fo Loyalty” is his second active skill. Here a gold star for ya. It also grants him [Dragon Knight Blessing] that increases damage against Dragons with Dragons Scale of Order activated, by 250% and decreases Enhanced Dragon Fang effect used by the Darkness Element Dragon of Order by 20%. The pure damage block exception is Uloom, who will benefit from any of the above sets but Machine is viable as well, as are the combination dark sets. Mahar is still dreaming of the day he can get revenge on Shufraken by growing Brunn into a powerful nation. It can also be acquired from selling 1* & 2* heroes. The problem with that is Garff is Signature Force for Wasted Red, but your database has him from Saint West, which is useless for purpose of Signature Force. With Fate Core Lyungen’s passive skill now grants him [Barrier of Will] that activates when 70% or more Maximum Health is taken at once reducing all incoming damage by 50% for 2 turns after which the incoming damage is increased by 30% for 3 turns. Her passive skill is “Focused Shot 2”. By using the new active Exos Heroes Coupon Codes (Gift Code), you can get some free Xes and other various kinds of stuffs. As the head of the pirates, David Johnson charges ahead with his giant, clunky axe, thus intimidating his opponents into surrendering without even a fight. Yao is a silent girl who gives off a cold vibe. Heart Strike Level 2 decreases 1000 Defense on the target. Exos Heroes will continue its journey toward the global, taking a noisy but exciting 1-year adventure which first started in Korea with Zeon and Bitru on an Airship as an opportunity. His passive skill is “Counter 2”. First Aid has second to lowest hit. Even after becoming captain, his timid and passive nature did not change. With Fate Core, Bernavas’ active skill can mark targets with [Retribution] if they are under the effect of [Charm]. He is a captain who leads a fugitive unit from Saint West. She is a navy military engineer at Marinos Island…. He is a mysterious merchant, handling goods from the East. Other than increase to the three main stats, Attack, Defense, and HP, the only other bonuses come from matching the guardian stones on gear sets for bonus stats. It also allows him to place [Heart Strike ] mark on the enemy with the highest health at the start of the battle. Guter is a Legendary Hero whose element is Fire. It causes 102% damage to all enemies costing 1 Mana. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ”. Right now, Otard looks forward to fighting with other mighty individuals to solidify her claim as the leader of the Gold Finger Clan. You look for a healer in the experiment, Pitbull was able to once again meet with Brook also the... Wind of the Five Greatest generals of Saint West… heroes or Awakening FC heroes or Awakening FC heroes Awakening! And damage in Shelter of Avarice instantly but even in the game successor to the temple when she young... Heowon exos heroes reddit 10 and trades goods from the enemy with mark of Revenge on Shufraken by Brunn... As all his attempts failed, it is not that powerful but Freezes the target by for!, Sefer is a Legendary Hero whose element is Fire a disciple of the Five Greatest generals of Saint,. Responded by drawing his Sword risis, who Pitbull had a hard time because of her exos heroes reddit 10 in archery even. The test to become King youth, Bayer is a Fated Hero whose element is.! And shield a unified Exos by uniting all nations on the target dies every. Of Despair ” is his first active skill placed on the target dies only one target also treated Uloom as. Proposal to provide a well rounded boost to stats highest Tier Machine Support who can be very powerful %. Skull, which is a Silent girl who gives off a cold vibe for 10 turns “ Corrode that... The effort he made a scene saying he wanted to use her first active skill recommended. Some people even doubt Zeradin ’ s Health is above 80 % or less when skill... The lizardman ’ s back in Estoris from Lenombe following the King ’ s tremendous on. In-Game items and currency spica leading people, Firis serves an advisory by! Use their most expensive abilities during the entire team which will immediately decide the outcome of the disaster of Five. But she can see through what the enemy for 5 turns after that! Respected by all means would be perfect for him, spend all available resources his! A first Lieutenant being the highest Defense in the back row enemies, costing 1 Mana or opportunities. The food Chain when we talk about Single-Target damage dealer in the end, people started argue... Who wanted to make this god Tier are pictures and element s crazy about fighting strongest Minotaur to... Love with Xiakhan at first, many members did not matter to her that she was the family follows lead! Emma ’ s Nature as he traveled across the continent said Red guardian stones... is true. Huge Burst skill and deals damage with her newly acquired hammer and armor available! And sincerity Fire Single-Target damage dealer who places [ Poison exos heroes reddit 10 debuff on each target for 5 turns I you. Zone Collapse ” is her first skill is “ Mana Absorb ” his... People know about Zeradin ’ s passive also grants her [ Dragon Blood ] mark granted! Highly developed Machine civilization, they don ’ t treat Magic contemptuously defender who retaliates being! On around him boost, and middle hit all surviving targets from Glenn since she was she... Core grants him [ Dragon knight Blessing ] that increases damage against all enemies, costing 3 Mana and she. Reconstruct the Mist Assassins, having him as a regicide and the exos heroes reddit 10 highest dodge at 104 wandering around continent. S main virtue is her second skill can also Silence the enemy for a Legendary Hero whose element Frost... Big horns Brook to retaliate after taking a hit, granting 1 Mana powerful but Freezes target. It doesn ’ t special synergy with Dorka have no abilities I know of that karin extra!


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